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David E. Richardson, Jr. Executive Producer/General Director

The Real Jazz Ambassadors

The Real Jazz Ambassadors, LLC (TRJA) is a US-based company that seeks to create jazz documentaries that explore jazz stories from around the world. Currently, TRJA is working on three projects:“Playing the changes - tracking Darius Brubeck”, “America's No 1 Negro”, and “Portraits of a Jazz Artist: Innokenty Ivanov”.

David E. Richardson, Jr.

David Richardson, Executive Producer/General Director of The Real Jazz Ambassadors, received his love and passion for Jazz from his parents during their travels around the world. He spent a year in Siberia, Russia, teaching English in 2002, and became acquainted with many Russian Jazz artists. These friendships lead him to conceive the concept of “The Real Jazz Ambassadors” documentary series.

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Jazz Films

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Playing the changes
tracking Darius Brubeck
Portraits of a Jazz Artist
Innokenty Ivanov
America's No 1 Negro
Paul Robeson

Jazz Projects

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Rita Edmond


Vincent Herring


Freddie Hendrix


Darius Brubeck

Darius Brubeck Quartet

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Partners and Events

Victor Radzievskiy Jazz Agency - VR Jazz Agency

Jazz Across Borders - St. Petersburg Russia
Jazzahead - Bremen Germany

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